Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Song About Feminism

First, some definitions not found in the dictionary:

Feminist. Noun.
A big word, often wrongly defined as “man hating women”.Feminist shouldn’t be a derogatory, or hateful, term. In fact, the label ‘Feminist’ means that you believe in equality of all sexes and genders.  

Egalitarianism. Noun.
A trend that favours equality of all people

“Traditional Marriage”. Noun.
A term usually associated with marriages between a man and a woman, where the woman doesn’t work. In 5 studies, 993 heterosexual married males in so called “traditional marriages” were found to be more likely to not to favour women being in the workplace, think that organizations with more female employees run less smoothly, find organizations with female leaders less attractive, and are more likely to promote male employees over equally qualified female employees.

Feminism. Noun.
The belief what all people deserve equal rights and to be seen as equals. Often ignored and still a pressing issue not to be passed off as “stupid women being greedy”or “not an issue at all. If you want equal pay, get a better job.”

Gender Wage Gap. Noun.
A thing that, yes, exists. The difference in pay between genders for work of equal value. The average yearly income for women in Canada has been decreasing at an even greater rate than the yearly income for men is increasing.

Pay Equity Act. Noun.

Equal pay for equal work. An act that requires employers to pay female employees at least the same as male employees for jobs of comparable value. This act was legislated against by the Stephen Harper Government in 2009, removing this responsibility from all levels of Canadian Government.

Now, without further ado:

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